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Create your customised access floor style

 Create your customised access floor style

  CZHUIYA Access floor can made the covering style as your custmoised style. we have the corporate carpet and covering manufacturer. Some people who want art design and aethestic standard. we catch your ideas by designer and specialised made covering for you.

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Access Floor Systems:Create your customised access floor style

  what is the main characristics of access floor covering:

  1:factory can make multiple finishes cand stick on single panel

  2:Design was translate from one color to another color.

  3: different color inlays as customized requirment

  4:Factory can provide tanslation panel

  How to make two diferent color inlays and stick on access floor? we have the technology to make the product that satisfied customisers need. our engineer can help analysis the situation. for example: how to solve curved transition and how to make the product reaching aesthetic feeling in this project