Linoleum Access Floor Finishes

  Beauty and Budget

  Tate’s composite board panels are available with .100” (2.5mm) linoleum by Forbo in the Marmoleum Real, Fresco and Vivace series. Patterns range from marbled designs to concrete and stone designs in a variety of color schemes. Forbo’s Marmoleum line includes Topshield2, a double UV cured finish that provides superior protection to the finish with no special initial maintenance requirements other than normal cleaning, and simple regular maintenance.

  Key Performance Characteristics

  Laminated to composite board to provide a smoother surface

  Supported by a bolted stringer system

  Tapered edge allows for easy accessibility to underfloor areas

  Wide range of styles and colors

  Protective edge banding protects the surface edge from chipping

  Resilient Finishes

  We have recently refined our process for laminating Resilients to include an edge banding and the use of smoother more consistent substrate to improve the installed aesthetic of the panel particularly in areas with extensive side lighting. This is completed with the use of a composite board panel that provides a smoother surface that is more conducive to the lamination of Resilients finishes. The edge banding creates a more consistent looking seam with a grouted tile appearance. The edge banding is available in many colors to allow for contrasting or blended seams that can create a completely custom look.

  High Pressure Laminates and Static Control Vinyl options are also available upon request on ConCore®, and All Steel Panels.