Attiro Freelay wood

  Unique Versatility

  Attiro combines all of the beauty of engineered wood with all of the ease of an access flooring system. Representing a radical departure from the alternative factory bonded systems, with a magnetized Attiro system you can create a traditional-style wooden floor without compromising access to the underfloor void.

  Key Performance Characteristics

  Available in a variety of shades and designs

  Long-lasting natural architectural finish

  Magnetic backing for easy lifting to access any part of service void

  Works with Tate bare steel composite board and heavy duty stringer system

  Micro bevel and protective edge banding protects the surface edge from damage

  Reconfigure desks, layouts and furniture easily

  Standard width: 200mm


Random lengths range from: 1200mm – 2200mm

  All Attiro planks are 16.5mm in depth

  Fast and easy removal

  Thanks to its pioneering use of a magnetic base, Attiro is quick and easy to remove. Using the Attiro lifting device you can simply lift up any part of the floor in seconds providing access to the raised floor solution beneath.

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