Why Is A Raised Floor Important?

A raised floor is an elevated floor that is built two inches to four feet above a concrete floor. It creates a space that can be used for cooling, electrical, and mechanical services.

1:Raised floor fuction in Data Center:

 In data centers, raised floors are also used as a plenum chamber to distribute cold air. By using a raised floor, you will not only reduce the amount of air needed, you will require less energy and improve temperature distribution across all of the cabinets.

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2: Raised Floor function: Keeping Cool

  Servers in data centers create heat, making a common problem for data center managers, whose job is to keep equipment cool. When servers overheat a common reaction is to consider getting extra cooling capacity, because they don’t think their existing system is maintaining a proper temperature. In reality, it may not be insufficient capacity that is causing the problem, but poor airflow management.

Raised floor installations:

The installation of a raised floor system can change the thermal behaviour of the building by reducing the interaction between heat gains and the thermally massive concrete slab,” according to Influence of raised floor on zone design cooling load in commercial buildings.


  When you set up an initial design for a raised floor, you should consider the following:

  Contemplate your future development needs and factor in the amount of free space needed to install current and future equipment

  Make sure you have adequate cooling and properly plan your plenum chamber to allow cooling to circulate efficiently

  Perform regular maintenance on your raised floor including keeping it clean



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